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Beat a casino with casino strategies and gambling systems for: blackjack, slots, roulette & craps!

WARNING: Do Not Visit The Casino Or Go Gambling Until You've
Read This Page!

how to win money at a casino

In the following there are gambling tips from the author, Michael Vickers.

Want to learn winning casino strategies?

You are about to explore a collection of insider gambling strategies, tips and proven 
winning gambling systems from a casino bandit! These are the same closely guarded
strategies, Michael Vickers, has used to go on a world wide red-hot winning streak!

Best of all the same gambling systems and strategies that will MAXIMIZE your profits
have been injected into this very special letter!

Michael believes the casino is taking advantage of it's customers, and it's about time
players like you and I, learn how to arm ourselves with insider information to SUPER
your odds of winning at the casino! The industry hates Michael because he
knows how to win at gambling! And the casino really hates that!

A special letter below clarifies this situation, from the man himself.

winning casino tips

Discover How To Win Money At A Casino The EASY WAY!

"I'm reading your book right now and it's absolutely awesome. If I were you, I'd change 
my name and address because Las Vegas must be royally pissed off with all the 
secrets you're sharing. These are the most profound insights and tips I've 
ever seen or heard of..."
Kevin D. - Cancun, Mexico.

From the desktop of Michael Vickers

Dear gambling friend, want some casino strategies?

For over 100 years casinos have shamelessly robbed unsuspecting players
of billions of dollars! Today you're personally invited to unlock the gold mine of 
extreme gambling systems that Las Vegas is desperately trying to ban!

Uncover how to generate an amazing income simply by winning money at the
casino and you too will discover exactly how to turn your love of gambling into
a profitable business. To get started here's...

Success Secret #1:

Learning How To Win At The Casino Is Deadly Serious.

For years the casino has ripped off unsuspecting players much like yourself to 
generate over seven billion dollars every year. Lets face it, losing your bank roll
and all your hard earned cash is NO FUN but the casino generates millions of
dollars daily from players just like you! So, here's...

Success Secret #2:

People Who Don't Know Casino Gambling Strategy
Nearly Always Lose!

Every time I step into a casino, there's always a busload of people leaving with 
empty pockets, maxed out credit cards, and empty wallets. Hey, it used to 
happen to me all the time too, but luckily this doesn't have to happen to you 

Success Secret #3:

In Order To Get Killer Results You Need To Know 
The Exact Winning Gambling Systems And Casino
Strategies From Proven Gambling Experts.

Today, you're personally invited to open the vault of closely guarded gambling systems
that are required to learn how to win at the casino. After you finish reading this 
very special letter you will No Longer have to rely on pure luck to win. Uncover new 
casino strategies and gambling tips that have been injected into a new e-book you can
download that's being hailed as, "The gambling strategy bible for players who want to win."

Allow me to explain, I've literally poured my entire brain into this new hot e-book, 
Casino Gambling Exposed which you'll download a little bit later on. I've completely 
ripped apart, slots, blackjack, roulette and craps and reveal how to MAXIMIZE your 
odds of winning so you can play like a pro in under an hour! Inside you'll discover...

How To Win At Slot Machines Revealed!

Slot machines are incredibly exciting games to play, but they have poor odds for paying out big,
if you don't know exactly how to find the slot machines that are ripping at the seams ready to 
dump out big! Ever see an infomercial selling a video on how to win at slot machines? 
Unleash those exact same slot machine strategies and more like...

  • The guts of winning slot machines! Put on your surgical gloves as we explore 
    the inside of a slot machine and learn how they work, so you can gain a huge
    advantage to win even more!

  • Learn a simple system to tell if you're playing winning slot machines!
    Find out if  the machine you're playing is ready to pump out cash, or steal your money.

  • You'll uncover a simple 5 minute system to discover the payout percent
    of any slot machine! This one simple technique absolutely destroys having to rely 
    on luck to win at slot machines!

  • How to pick the loosest slot machines with pure 98% pay-out ratios!  
    The actual areas of these super loose slot machines are kept top-secret 
    even from casino staff, but I'll show you simple detective tricks to find them!

  • How to take advantage of the casinos #1 weak point, that can literally 
    your slot machine winnings in under a minute! Inside you'll discover to
    exploit this small weakness and how to use it as your own personal slot machines 

  • The top secret marketing floor plans that most major casinos use to 
    get more people playing slots!
    Inside you will explore a guide on where 
    to find the 6 major areas where the casino puts their winning slot machines!
    Skip testing tight slot machines and go straight to the jackpot winners!

  • And even more never before seen winning slot machines strategies!

The Explosive Scientific Strategy For Maximizing Your Roulette Profits!

You'll learn the game of roulette from ground-zero to ground EXPERT! Action numbers,
multi number payoffs, vigorous, clocking and bias are all spread out before you in clear,
concise terms. You'll read how to attain and maintain a disciplined betting approach for
winning at roulette and how to set win goals and loss limits!

By downloading today you will uncover winning roulette systems like:

  • A fool proof formula that will easily boost your odds of winning at roulette by 34%  
    In fact, this strategy is so easy a child can master it in under 10 minutes! You
    will be winning at roulette like a high roller player at the wheel in no time!

  • Do you know why most people leave the roulette table dead broke? 
    I'll tell you why:
    They don't know when to quit after going on a killer winning 
    spree! Inside you'll learn exactly when to quit so you don't lose your shirt at 
    the table. Instead learn how to win at roulette using tips and systems!

  • Learn about the different roulette systems and bets to improve your
    chances for winning at roulette and burrying your losses!
    It's simple and
    easy and takes ten minutes to read!

  • And more elite winning roulette strategies that will knock your socks off!

How To Win At Blackjack Like A Professional
Does In Under 60 Minutes!

Is there such a thing? YE$ there most certainly is, and I will teach you why so many 
people fail time after time, while just a few seem to be on a "Lucky" Streak. Don't let
anybody tell you about luck! Blackjack is a game of skill! Learn how to win at blackjack
starting today!

Isn't it about time you win back the money you've been losing? Inside you will find:

  • The worlds easiest 100% legal blackjack card counting system that is absolutely easy!
    Skip trying to learn the complicated card counting blackjack strategies and 
    master our proven winning blackjack system in under an hour guaranteed!

  • How to win big bucks playing this blackjack system with a small bank roll. Inside 
    you will learn how to use heavy duty tactics to increase your chances of winning at
    blackjack without having to fork out big bucks. (This blackjack strategy always works!)

  • Instead of losing money and learning from your mistakes you will 
    discover exactly how to win at blackjack and play smart.
    Use an easy to follow
    paint-by-numbers approach! If you have not played blackjack before you are absolutely
    missing out on an exciting game.

  • How to swing the odds of winning at blackjack in your favor using a few simple tricks!

  • And lots more blackjack systems and strategies!

How To Hypnotize The
Craps Dice!

Anybody can do just that! Providing they are of legal age to gamble! This report explains 
all about the entire game of craps. It does not matter if you have never played before, or 
if you are an old hand, you can quickly learn how the pros play and WIN!

Uncover how to win money at the casino playing craps with tips like:

  • Instead of losing your money and leaving the table early, you will find 
    a new mathematical formula on when to bet, and when to hold.
    many players get too wrapped up in the game, and start losing. Inside you'll 
    know when to quit before you lose money.

  • Get advice on how to play craps for better odds and winnings!

  • And much more powerful tips that would take forever to list here!
How To Beat The Casino Playing Poker -- Online And Offline!

I will show you my advice on how to  improve your odds when you  play poker with friends, in a tournament or even on the internet. I have made thousands playing poker and I will give you everything you have ever wanted to know including:

  • Learn how to use online poker bots to play the game for you. Turn it on and
    let it collect your winnings for you while you work or do whatever you like all day!

  • How to improve your odds at poker and tell who is bluffing! I will give you
    every single tactic you need including poker psychology so you can get the advantage
    against your poker opponents!

  • How to get extra bonus cash from online poker websites! Get the best bonuses 
    for playing online poker! I will show you how they all work inside.

  • And much more powerful tips that would take forever to list here!

Everything About Winning Money At Online Casinos You Have Ever Wanted To Know Revealed..

Get the facts on how to cash in on the best online casino bonuses and how to win money at a casino online. I will show you the systems and strategies to walk away with bigger wins from online casinos the easy way without needing any special skills or talents!
  • Want to win more money then you ever thought possible using online casino money? It's a lot easier then you think and you will discover how it works right away!

  • How to get extra bonus cash from online casino websites! I will show you the best
    ways to milk the online casinos dry using bonus cash strategies and online casino bots!

  • And much more powerful tips that would take forever to list here!

..There Is Even More Closely Guarded Juicy Casino Strategies & Gambling Systems Showing You
How To Beat Casino!

There is so much more, I really can't list all that's inside. What you've just read is 
only a small sample of the exciting gambling systems and casino strategies you
get when you download Casino Gambling Exposed. You absolutely need these
systems and strategies, if you truly want to win thousands of dollars every year
as fast as possible. 

The gambling strategies and casino systems being offered are crucial to your success
and the most exciting part is that you can get all this information in under 10 minutes!
(I'll tell you how in the next few paragraphs).

This special gambling strategy e-book is filled with pure dynamite every gambler needs.
All of the secrets on casino systems and gambling strategies are covered in an easy
step-by-step format. This special e-book is one of a kind and can't be found in any bookstores! 

Lots of people have downloaded this e-book. 

Here is what they have to say:

"To anyone who is reading this, stop what you are doing, and get this course right 
now! I have been gambling for over 10 years, and Michaels
course has introduced 
new systems I never knew of, but am now using to win!" 

Jacky E. - Edmonton, Alberta

"For over 20 years I've played the slots as a lark. After reading your book I play 
for one reason TO WIN! And that's just' what I'm doing. Who said the bandits 
can't be beaten?"

J. Bresnahan. - San Diego, CA 

"This book should be mandatory essential reading for every gambler as this e-book 
is the holy grail of gambling tips. I've never felt so enlightened or empowered while at 
the casino in my entire life. Thanks for writing it, and if you're ever in my area, me 
and my buddies will try sneaking you in to play." 

Cam W. - New Jersey.

"I've just finished reading your latest release for the third time. I want to tell you that 
you've opened my eyes to this whole, "gambling to win philosophy" thing. Within this 
past week I've had better results then I've had in the past five years."

Caroline K. - Jacksonville, Arizona.

"Michael I read your book and mastered your blackjack techniques and tips. After two 
weeks of serious practice I hit the casino with a fifty dollar bank roll and came out 
ahead with a hundred twenty-five dollar profit. You've really illustrated the casinos 
weak points, and train us where to attack for bigger wins."

J.D. - Wisconsin

"Wow.. I love slots and Casino Gambling Exposed has shown me a completely new 
way to play and find the best paying machines at the Indian casino. It's not only 
good advice, but makes for a great read.”

Lisa A. - Miami, Florida.

"I have been gambling for over twenty years Michael so here is my review and feedback 
on "Casino Gambling Exposed." Firstly everybody should get this e-book ASAP. It'll 
quite easily pump up your odds by 43% based on average casino results. I found a 
roulette strategy one of my friends paid $1200 for inside because it works so damn 

I believe an average gambler would be extremely hard pressed to find these 
techniques, without paying a pro gambler $2000+ an hour for lessons in Vegas. 
Good job Michael, you're going to put a dent in the yearly world wide profits of major 

Kirk D. - Seattle, Washington.

Discover The Collection Of Closely Guarded Gambling Systems And Casino Strategies Of
A Pro Gambler Absolutely Risk Free!

Win at the casino now

If you want to order, I insist I take all the risk. That is why Casino Gambling Exposed
comes with a No Risk, 60 Day Unconditional Money Back Guarantee! There is
absolutely NO RISK on your part. Let me explain, I know that you will love this 
insider information and I want to take all the risk of you purchasing. (The casino 
would never do this for you!)

This special e-book contains information Michael charges people $1,500 an hour to learn!
As a special Internet introductory offer, and if you order now becaus I've knocked off the
download fee to now only $17. Just one of the tips you  read about earlier will pay for this
powerful how to win money at the casino book!

I guarantee it.


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This isn't a magic formula to conquer losing, but it's pretty darn close!

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Your Free Bonus Gift #2 - Winning Casino Roulette Strategies! - Get a better grasp on playing roulette and most importantly learn how to win at roulette more often! This guide will show you in depth methods and technologies that lower your odds of losing and improve your chances at winning at roulette like clockwork. Don't miss out on this!

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To your gambling success!

Free gambling strategy

PS - After you have read Casino Gambling Exposed and have armed yourself with 
the insider casino gambling information, be sure to send me an e-mail and tell me 
how well you did "robbing" the casino! I absolutely love to hear the great stories of 
people like you who decide to fight back against the casino and win! 

PPS - The biggest question I get from my clients is, "Will these tricks work at 
my casino?"
I personally guarantee these casino systems and gambling strategies
will work at any casino you play! Just remember, If this book doesn't pay for itself
when you visit the casino in your next four visits don't forget that I will give you a 100%
if they don't work for you. It's that simple. I want you to succeed!

"All your book has done is to make me a respected roulette player... and a 
CONSISTENT WINNER!! Monte Carlo here I come!"
R. Salvucci, Swampscott

"Your book is fantastic! Now when I take a seat at the table I can do no 
wrong. My profits are absolutely unbelievable! Thanks!"
Jim G., Boston

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